Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Free Bibles for Christian ESL programs.

Good news! We give thanks to God and to the Canadian Bible Society for this offer of free Bibles for Christian ESL programs.
As you will see in the message below from the Canadian Bible Society, these Bible are free of charge when the (minimal) Canadian Bible Society conditions are fulfilled. Follow the instructions given for contact information with the Canadian Bible Society to obtain these Bibles.
For further information or clarification, contact Ruth at any of the addresses given below.

(You may, of course, share this news widely amongst Christian ESL programs.)


We hope that this program will allow you to bring God's word to many, many new Canadians.
Ruth Stewart
Canadian Bible Society
10 Carnforth Road
Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S4
TEL: 416.689.3437
FAX: 416.757.3376

The Scriptures for Newcomers to Canada has been approved as a National Initiative by the Canadian Bible Society. The Bibles are available right now. To get free Bibles for your Church based ESL program contact your District of The Canadian Bible Society [see website noted below for the contact information for your District].
Each request for free Bibles is to be written & made by either the Teacher of the class or the Administrator of the program, providing the name and address of the host church; name of the teacher and the number of students registered along with the contact name & number of the person at the church who administers the program.

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