Sunday, March 11, 2007

Share your great Easter ideas

The Lenten season is well on its way and Easter is getting very close. We'd like to invite you to share your great Easter ideas with other churches. Some are just starting out in ESL ministry and others are in need of fresh ideas at this time. Let's gather our resources together and learn more about effectively ministering for His Glory!
Let us know .....
What programs do you run for your ESL students at Easter?
What class activities do you do to explain the Easter story to your ESL students?
What materials do you use? Could you attach a copy of the handouts you use?
If you agree, we'll share your ideas with others in order to help those proclaim Life-giving messages of our Lord and Saviour this season. Please send your emailed responses to:
Thanks for your interest and for sending your ideas! May God richly bless you this Easter season.
ESL Co-op

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