Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Christian ESL training course

This Saturday at Inniswood Baptist Church in Snowbelt BARRIE, from 9:30-12:30, Feb. 17th
Will be the second available time for Christian ESL training.

Interested in ESL?
Interested in getting involved with immigrants and refugees?
Interested in home missions?
Interested in cross-cultural ministry?
Interested in overseas missions?
Interested in being a part of the harvest?
Here is an opportunity to wet your taste buds for cross-cultural ministry.

There will be two new speakers coming in:
Tom McCormick, SIM missions, will be discussing cross-cultural ministries, as well as the Southern Ontario Cooperative ESL ministry. Covering how a church can have accountability and support in the ministry. And how do we get started?
Nancy Thompson, ESL teacher at Base Borden, will be giving a lecture on grammar, sentence structure, and correlation between first language speakers and ESL learners.
Come and learn with us, as we prepare to serve God in this way!

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