Friday, January 26, 2007

Upcoming Training Workshop

Reaching the Nations through ESL

Ministers Mabel Wee and Paul Terry Robinson

Next Training Workshop: Saturday, February 17th, 2007, 9am-4pm

Matt. 28:18-20

Mabel and Paul Terry are co-labourers and co-ordinators of the Hope For Toronto-English Language Ministry, (HFT-ELM) a non-profit organization. Their base is the Toronto International Celebration Church (TICC), 190 Railside Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3A-1A3. They are graduates of Tyndale Seminary and Bible College. They also graduated from Literacy and Evangelism International’s (LEI) 2003 Summer Training Institute in Tulsa, OK. USA. They are LEI’s Associates, authorized to train teachers, lay-people, Christian workers and church-leaders to teach Literacy as well as English as a Second Language (ESL). Their tool is a uniquely-proven and complete, bible-based curriculum and methodology. Text-books, work-books and tapes are available.

Outreach for Mabel and Paul Terry is through spearheading one-day, seven-hour, training conferences. They walk the participants through a chapter of the ESL as well as the Literacy Curricula. A simple, seven-step Methodology is demonstrated with student, models. A Manual, (more than 200 pages) enabling the participants to launch into immediate ministry, is provided at the training. The fee for whole-day training is $45.00.

Participants need NOT be qualified nor experienced teachers. They just have to be able to speak English better than their students. ALL with hearts of compassion for SOULS are the best candidates. Mabel and Paul have trained four hundred teachers, representing fifty churches and 61 nations. Eleven churches have partnered with them. Their training spans Ontario and South-East Asia. This curriculum has been introduced in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Ghana; Brazil and Malaysia. Thailand and Europe will be next.

One church where they taught has grown to one hundred and fifty ESL students with thirty youths in their outreach program and 5 Sunday-school classes. More than 50 have been water-baptized. Their aim is to equip Christian workers and churches with a complete package by sharing skills needed to initiate, organize and grow a fruitful ministry in their community. This is a hands-on, step-by-step coaching from preparation to the start and maintenance of a new ESL ministry. On-going and struggling ESL ministries are strengthened by their sharing on “Do’s and Don’ts”, Cultural-Ethnic sensitivities and Leadership skills. Those interested please contact: OR 416 568 7833 Mabel.

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