Monday, December 04, 2006


At Gathering III we had prayed for two of the participants, Len and Russ, who were going to be involved in an evangelistic English Weekend in the Czech Republic. Below is a brief report of that event:
Thank you for your prayers regarding the evangelistic english family weekend November 16-19,2006. There were 180 people altogether over this weekend. In the mornings there were english lessons for all the adults, teens, and children. In the afternoons there was free time. After the evening meal, we had our evangelistic program. The various English conversation topics discussed during the morning classes provided the foundation for the evening speaker's evangelistic message. After the evening program, the adults continued their conversations around tables with their teachers and there were many excellent discussions.

We praise God:

1. that He provided all the necessary adult and children's english teachers necessary for the November weekend .
2. for the unity amongst a variety of nationalities and denominations. All came to serve and be used by God. Denominational and organizational barriers did not exist.
3. for the multiple opportunities the teachers had to share their faith with their students in a spiritually safe and friendly environment. Conversations lasted late into the evenings as spiritual interest grew, and people posed deep probing questions.

At this moment, there are several key areas for which we would ask you to pray along with us:

1. Czech church. This event was very large with a total of 180 people. The church itself has only 40 members, so it can be easily overwhelmed with so many. For some, this size of event would only occur at a national conference … not something an individual church could do. Please pray for ongoing courage for the Czech believers to continue to open their lives and hearts to the many non-Christians.
2. English Christmas program December 17. This is an annual family event which usually has a good attendance. This will be the first time the church has been involved with a specific Christmas program for non-Christians. Pray along with us that the Czech believers would catch the vision to continue to develop ongoing relationships with the many families who will be there.

Let's Praise the Lord for answered prayer and keep these additional items before the Lord.

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