Thursday, December 14, 2006

Directory of Church based ESL Classes

We would like to have a directory of Church based ESL Classes on this site. Please email us information about your Church ESL classes or a link to your church website that includes the information.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Update: Bill 124 - Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act

A note from Darcy MacCallum who presented this matter to us at Gathering III:

Great News: Bill 124, the Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, has passed! Thank you for your help in promoting this significant piece of legislation. It is an important (and landmark) step toward facilitating the smooth entry of newcomers into the professional workplace.

Monday, December 11, 2006

ESL Christmas Lessons

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Season's Greetings!

We've received some wonderful ESL Christmas ideas. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO RESPONDED!! Make sure you read over all the great ideas to see how various churches are celebrating with their ESL learners. We are still in need of more ideas so hurry to send them in. We want to share even more of those great Christmas ideas!!

Here’s what Foothills Alliance Church is doing:
(thank you Patti Love, Pastor of Intercultural Ministries for submitting this)

Each class is holding its own Christmas celebration, depending on the sense of community that has developed in that class over this semester.
For example, one of the classes is holding a potluck supper at the home of the teacher.
Another class is having a potluck lunch on their last day of class.
Another ESL class is having a party in class with Christmas baking and an explanation of popular Christmas traditions.
A fourth ESL class is having a traditional turkey dinner the week before Christmas in the home of one of the teachers.

All the learners in ESL classes have been invited to attend the church Christmas Drama production. Free tickets have been brought to the classrooms for distribution. As well, an ESL-sensitive summary of the story line of the Christmas Drama has been written and distributed, including a scene-by-scene description of the story development.
The ESL class members have been encouraged to view the Christmas Drama as a large listening comprehension exercise.
Next year we hope to plan an after-production dessert party to assist in debriefing the ESL attenders of the Christmas Drama production..

A special class called "Christmas in Canada" has been planned for two Sundays early in December. This class has been advertised in the community as an informative time that will include questions and answers about common Christmas traditions, a presentation about the historical origins of Christmas, explanation and singing of Christmas Carols, and a social time including traditional Christmas desserts and beverages. Community immigrants who choose to attend one or both of these classes will be invited to begin attending the same class in January when a series of classes has been planned around the life of Jesus.

And another church in the Calgary area writes:

For Christmas this year, we have rented a bus and have invited all ESL students, teachers and helpers and their families to meet at our church at 6:30PM on December 15/06 to take a tour of Christmas lights in Calgary and Airdrie (wherever the tour takes us). We will come back to the church at 9:30PM for hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and have a Christmas carol sing.

From others...

We have planned a Christmas party at a teacher's house. At that time we have a potluck dinner, and do one ice-breaker such as 'Find someone who..." or a Christmas scavenger hunt where people go through the house and find 'a star', 'an angel', a 'nativity scene', etc. We give out little prizes for those who finish. After eating we will sing Christmas carols around the piano and give small gifts such as bibles in the person's first language, or CDs of Christian music, or writing paper with a Christmas theme.

We have planned to celebrate Christmas for two weeks this December. On our first class ESL learners will study and discuss passages from Luke 2 and Matthew 2. After the discussion learners will sing Silent Night. On the second class we’ve planned to discuss Christmas symbols by bringing visuals and objects to class. Afterwards we will enjoy desserts and hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols.

Monday, December 04, 2006


At Gathering III we had prayed for two of the participants, Len and Russ, who were going to be involved in an evangelistic English Weekend in the Czech Republic. Below is a brief report of that event:
Thank you for your prayers regarding the evangelistic english family weekend November 16-19,2006. There were 180 people altogether over this weekend. In the mornings there were english lessons for all the adults, teens, and children. In the afternoons there was free time. After the evening meal, we had our evangelistic program. The various English conversation topics discussed during the morning classes provided the foundation for the evening speaker's evangelistic message. After the evening program, the adults continued their conversations around tables with their teachers and there were many excellent discussions.

We praise God:

1. that He provided all the necessary adult and children's english teachers necessary for the November weekend .
2. for the unity amongst a variety of nationalities and denominations. All came to serve and be used by God. Denominational and organizational barriers did not exist.
3. for the multiple opportunities the teachers had to share their faith with their students in a spiritually safe and friendly environment. Conversations lasted late into the evenings as spiritual interest grew, and people posed deep probing questions.

At this moment, there are several key areas for which we would ask you to pray along with us:

1. Czech church. This event was very large with a total of 180 people. The church itself has only 40 members, so it can be easily overwhelmed with so many. For some, this size of event would only occur at a national conference … not something an individual church could do. Please pray for ongoing courage for the Czech believers to continue to open their lives and hearts to the many non-Christians.
2. English Christmas program December 17. This is an annual family event which usually has a good attendance. This will be the first time the church has been involved with a specific Christmas program for non-Christians. Pray along with us that the Czech believers would catch the vision to continue to develop ongoing relationships with the many families who will be there.

Let's Praise the Lord for answered prayer and keep these additional items before the Lord.